Sequence: simple & powerful Ethereum development library and Web-based smart wallet

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import xsequence from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/0xsequence';




yarn add 0xsequence

Running Browser E2E Tests

The 0xsequence top-level package also contains e2e tests which run in a headless chrome browser.

You can run the test suite directly from console with a single yarn test, or you can boot up the typescript compiling server (yarn test:server) and ethereum test node (yarn start:hardhat) manually in separate terminals, and then run a specific test directly from your browser instance by visiting the path:

  • http://localhost:9999/{browser-test-dir}/{test-filename}.test.html
  • ie. tests/browser/wallet-provider/dapp.test.ts is accessible via: http://localhost:9999/wallet-provider/dapp.test.html

From CLI

yarn test

From Browser

  1. yarn test:server -- in one terminal, to start the webpack server compiling typescript
  2. yarn start:hardhat -- in another terminal, to start hardhat local ethereum test node
  3. yarn start:hardhat2 -- (2nd chain) in another terminal, to start hardhat2 local ethereum test node
  4. open browser to http://localhost:9999/{browser-test-dir}/{test-filename}.test.html for example, http://localhost:9999/wallet-provider/dapp.test.html