smart and efficient sdk for vk.com API

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  import vk from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/1vk';



Smart and efficient sdk for vk.com API

Behind the scene:

  1. It uses execute api method to perform more api calls per permitted time interval.
    In fact, you have only 3 request per second permitted but with 1vk you get up to 75 request per second
  2. It handles "Too many requests per second" error thus you no more need to concern about it.


npm i 1vk --save

How to use

With browser (vk.com open api sdk)

var ApiQueue = require("1vk");
// initialization and authorisation (VK.init , VK.Auth.login)
// then
var apiQueue = new ApiQueue(3, 1e3, VK.Api.call)
var usersFriends = [];
// gets friends for 1000 users
for (var i=0; i<1e3; i=i+1)
    apiQueue.request('friends.get', {user_id: i}).then(function(friends) {

With node

You can use any open api like library (function api(methodName, params, callback))


Please read source code. The code is pretty simple and jsdoc annotated.