AngularJS bindings for 28.io.

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28.io AngularJS Binding

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28.io-angularjs is an officially supported AngularJS binding for 28.io. 28.io is a query processing platform that allows you to write complex queries accross multiple data sources - relational databases; document stores, data warehouses and even web services.

We also have tutorials and an REST API reference.

Join our 28.io Support Group to ask questions and provide feedback.


Via Bower

$ bower install 28.io-angularjs --save

API Documentation



angular.module('myApp', ['auth.api.28.io', 'queries.api.28.io'])
.controller('AppCtrl', function($scope, $cacheFactory, Auth, Queries){
    var projectName = 'myproject';
    var auth = new Auth('http://portal.28.io', $cacheFactory('Auth'));
    var queries = new Queries('http://' + projectName + '.28.io/v1', $cacheFactory('Queries'));

    auth.authenticate({ grant_type: 'client_credentials', email: $scope.login, password: $scope.password })
        var projectToken = tokens.project_tokens['project_' + projectName];
        queries.listQueries({ visibility: 'public', token: projectToken })
                $scope.publicQueries = publicQueries;
            alert('Server replied: ' + error.description);
    .catch(function(error) {
        alert('Server replied: ' + error.description);


If you'd like to hack on 28.io-angularjs itself, you'll need node.js, and Bower:

npm install && bower install

Use grunt to build and test the code:

# Default task - build source and then runs unit tests

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