Node.js bindings for the 28.io API

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28.io Nodejs Binding

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28.io-nodejs is an officially supported nodejs binding for 28.io. 28.io is a query processing platform that allows you to write complex queries accross multiple data sources - relational databases; document stores, data warehouses and even web services.

We also have tutorials and an REST API reference.

Join our 28.io Support Group to ask questions and provide feedback.


npm install 28.io-nodejs


var $28 = require('api.28.io').$28('http://portal.28.io/api');
var projectName = 'apitests';
    email: 'w+test@28.io',
    password: 'foobar',
    grant_type: 'client_credentials'
    var tokens = response.body;
    var projectToken = project_tokens['project_' + projectName];
        visibility: 'private',
        token: projectToken