A NodeJS wrapper to solve image captchas with 2captcha

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  import captchaNode from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/2captcha-node';


Welcome to 2captcha-node 👋

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A NodeJS wrapper to solve image captchas with 2captcha


You will need a 2Captcha API key


npm install 2captcha-node


yarn add 2captcha-node


Set up your api key:

import captchaSolver from '2captcha-node';

const captcha = captchaSolver('your-api-key');

It'll return an object with the solve function, and you'll be able to use it inside of your script

const options = {
  image: 'base64-image',
  maxAttempts: 60, // Optional

const { id, text } = await captcha.solve(options);

And this solvedCaptcha will return object, with captcha id and captcha text

You can use the balance function too, to see your balance at 2Captcha

const balance = await captcha.balance();

You can use the Report Captcha is valid or not.

await captcha.report(id, isValid);


👤 Pedro Filho pedro@filho.me

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Feel free to check issues page.

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