a virtual data loader that can handle data transforms and splits into sub loaders

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  import go from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/2go';


** 2GO AJAX LOADING TEMPLATE ( development version ) **

2GO system contains basic commands for loading files via ajax through browsers. it is intended for use via browserify and aliasify.

2GO has two build modes: FINAL and DEBUG / USING.

The DEBUG / USING mode is intended for development or for deployment to environments where this might be used by a library with additional authors. This mode contains assertions to check parameter types in front of certain API functions.

To compile 2GO in DEBUG / USING mode: cd test DEV_MODE=DEBUG browserify test.js -t aliasify > [your site testing directory]

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The FINAL mode is intended when development and testing is finished at the deployment is intended as a black box with no third party using authors expected. This mode has no parameter assertions in order to be as efficient as possible.

To compile 2GO in FINAL mode: cd test DEV_MODE=FINAL browserify test.js -t aliasify > [your site testing directory]

Tests can be found at http://mathdotrandom.com/2GO/tests.