2lemetry toolkit.

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This set of libraries aims to help bootstrap web applications built on top of the 2lemetry platform quickly and efficiently. Node.js was selected because of its development speed and monolingual format.

Comments and questions can be submitted via Issues or at help.m2m.io.


Just make it so.

  1. Node.js, version 0.10.5.
  2. Ruby
  3. Terminal Notifier, installed as: sudo gem install terminal-notifier.


  • Node.js.

Install the toolkit from NPM:

sudo npm install -g 2lemetry
  • Client.

Install the toolkit from bower:

bower install 2lemetry

Node.js Usage

2lemetry dev setup

This will:

  • Clone the node-2lemetry repository.


cd node-2lemetry
npm install

Build API Documentation

cd api
2lemetry swaggerme

This will:

  • Generate the v2 JavaScript interface from swagger docs.

Run SocketMQ

  • Runs the server as development.
cd socketmq
2lemetry run --port=3001

This will:

  • Run the SocketMQ server.

Angular Skeleton

2lemetry angularme --name="My App"
cd myapp
  • Runs the app server as development.
2lemetry run --port=3001

This will:

  • Generate the 2lemetry app template.
  • Compile CoffeeScript and Jade.
  • Alert via terminal-notifier.
  • Browser refresh.