2R library stepper component implemented in React.

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<script type="module">
  import rStepper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/2r-stepper';



2R library stepper component implemented in React.


2r-stepper is available as an npm package. Simply run npm install 2r-stepper command.

To use it in your project:

import stepper from '2r-stepper'; // ES6 syntax
var stepper = require('2r-stepper'); // ES5 syntax

Usage & API

The following props can be passed to the component:

  • initialValue (Number): at what value will the stepper start (defaults to 0)

  • stepValue (Number): by how much we increment/decrement at once (defaults to 1)

  • allowNegativeValues (Boolean): whether we want our stepper to go below 0 or not. The decrement button will be disabled in case allowNegativeValues is false and either current value is 0 or the difference between the current value and the step value goes below 0 (defaults to false)


There is an examples folder inside the project with a minimum config. Steps to run:

  • Clone the project and

  • Run npm install

  • Run gulp examples

  • Navigate to http://localhost:5000


This software is released under the terms of WTFPL v2.0 license.