Convert youtooz product page into 360 spin GIF

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360 Tooz

This is a program that gives you a GIF from the 360 product view on the Youtooz website product page.


  • Node.js 14+
  • NPM 6+


npm install -g 360tooz

How to use

In a terminal window run

spintooz <url> [params]

"url" must be a link to the product page that you want to create the GIF of. [Note: Some products such as Bruh Plush or RipNDip Hoodie do not work because they're 360 View is messed up or non existent]


--offset or -o <number> is the number of frames it skips (e. g 1 gets all the images, 2 gets every other image etc. ). (Default: 1)

--quality or -q <number> is a number from 1 to 10 that represents how good quality the colors will be. (Default: 10)

--delay or -d <number> is the time it takes to go from one frame to the next in milliseconds. (Default: 50)

--output or -O <path/to/dir> Specifies where to save the gid, by default it saves it in the working directory. (Default: './')

--default or -D Skips checking for other parameters and uses all defaults.