Node.js client for the 365FarmNet Connect REST API

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365FarmNet Connect - Node.js client

A simple promise based client for the 365FarmNet Connect REST API.

Quick start

npm install 365farmnet

Note: This library requires Node.js > v.10.0

Import the library, and pass the partner ID and secret that you got from registering at https://devcon.365farmnet.com/.

const farmnet = require('365farmnet')({
  partnerId: 'yourPartnerId',
  secret: 'yourPartnerSecret'

Make requests to the 365FarmNet Connect REST API by calling the imported function (farmnet if you follow this example) in the following manner:

// farmnettoken is the JWT that is passed to the iframe within the 
// 365FarmNet main application
farmnet('fields', {
  token: farmnettoken,
  params: {
    includeGeometry: false,
    includeSoilType: true
}).then(data => {
  // data will contain all fields of the farm
}).catch(err => {


The module exports a default function. It takes two arguments:

farmnet('endpoint', options)

Name Description
endpoint string required The REST API endpoint to call. See documentation for all available endpoints.
options.token string required The token property of the options object needs to be a valid JWT farmnettoken.
options.params object Optional query params for the API call.
options.data object Optional body params for the API call (for POST/PUT requests).
options.method string Default: 'GET'. Can be any HTTP request method valid for the given endpoint.


Fork this repo, then put a credentials.js file in the root directory with the following content.

// content of the credentials.js file, which needs to be placed at the root of this repo
module.exports = {
  partnerId: 'your_partner_id',
  secret: 'your_secret'

Then run

npm test

This will spin up an Express.js server on http://localhost:3000/.

Login to your account at https://devcon.365farmnet.com/, click on the Developer tab -> Developer Playground. If all tests pass, you should see All test passed!, if not, check your console 😄


Please feel free to submit an issue or a pull request!