3commas API NodeJS wrapper

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3commas API NodeJs wrapper

NodeJS wrapper for Official 3commas API

3commas.io is collection of smart tools for cryptocurrency traders and investors to minimize risks, limit losses, grow profits, and manage their trades and portfolios across multiple exchanges.

How to use

Set up

Add node module using npm or yarn

npm i 3commas-api-node


yarn add 3commas-api-node

Using in your project

add module to your script and provide API credentials

const threeCommasAPI = require('3commas-api-node')

const api = new threeCommasAPI({
  apiKey: '',
  apiSecret: '',
  // url: 'https://api.3commas.io' // this is optional in case of defining other endpoint
  // forcedMode: 'real' // this is optional in case of defining account mode, 'real' or 'paper'


see example.js for more details

Current methods

for deals

 getDeals (params)
 dealUpdateMaxSafetyOrders (deal_id, max_safety_orders)
 dealPanicSell (deal_id)
 dealCancel (deal_id)
 dealUpdateTp (deal_id, new_take_profit_percentage)
 getDeal (deal_id)

 getDealSafetyOrders (deal_id)

for bots

  getBotsBlackList ()
  botsUpdateBlackList (params)
  botCreate (params)
  getBots (params)
  getBotsStats (params)
  botUpdate (params)
  botDisable (bot_id)
  botEnable (bot_id)
  botStartNewDeal (params)
  botDelete (bot_id)
  botPaniceSellAllDeals (bot_id)
  botCancelAllDeals (bot_id)
  botShow (bot_id)

for smart trades

  smartTradesCreateSimpleSell (params)

  smartTradesCreateSimpleBuy (params)
  smartTradesCreateSmartSell (params)
  smartTradesCreateSmartCover (params)
  smartTradesCreateSmartTrade (params)
  smartTrades ()
  smartTradesStepPanicSell (params)
  smartTradesUpdate (params)
  smartTradesCancel (smart_trade_id)
  smartTradesPanicSell (smart_trade_id)
  smartTradesForceProcess (smart_trade_id)

for accounts

  accountsNew (params)

  accounts ()
  accountsMarketList ()
  accountsCurrencyRates ()
  accountSellAllToUsd (account_id)
  accountSellAllToBtc (account_id)
  accountLoadBalances (account_id)
  accountRename (params)
  accountPieChartData (account_id)
  accountTableData (account_id)
  accountRemove (account_id)

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