Bullet Physics plugin for Node.js 3D Core

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  import dBulletRaub from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/3d-bullet-raub';


Node.js 3D Bullet

This is a part of Node3D project.


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npm i 3d-bullet-raub


Bullet physics plugin for Node.js 3D Core


Note: compilation tools must be in place on your system. For Windows, use ADMIN PRIVELEGED command line: `npm i -g windows-build-tools`. Also Windows needs vcredist 2013 to be installed.


As any Node3D plugin, 3d-bullet-raub exports a single function. Given a Node3D object this function extends with bullet property. Now this property holds whatever this plugin offers.

const init = require('3d-core-raub');
const bullet3d = require('3d-bullet-raub');
const { three, bullet, Image, doc, Screen, loop } = init({ plugins: [bullet3d] });
const { Box, Ball, Roll, Caps, Scene, Body } = bullet;
// ...

See examples for quick start.


See docs of bullet-raub. This plugin reexports those as is.

Additionally there are few classes specific for this plugin:

  • Shape - the base class to connect physical and visual entities. Automatically updates the position of the mesh according to its physical body. Extends Drawable.
  • Box - box shape preset.
  • Roll - cylinder shape preset.
  • Ball - sphere shape preset.
  • Caps - capsusle shape preset.