Create and manipulate a walkable 3d css scene

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  import dCssScene from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/3d-css-scene';



Inspired by Keith Clark's CSS 3D Engine


Using npm:

npm i --save 3d-css-scene

You may enjoy tools like Webpack and Babel to import and use the 3d-css-scene making sure your ECMAScript code remains compatible with older browsers.

Importing 3d-css-scene in you whatever.js file and adding a room:

// Load the main object. Constructor will instantiate the camera and allow for objects creation.
import { Scene } from '3d-css-scene'
// Load required css styling for the scene.
import '3d-css-scene/dist/app.css'

// Instantiate the Scene object
const scene = new Scene()

// Add a room to your scene
const room = scene.createRoom('room', 3600, 1080, 3000)

Scene allows the instanciation of the main object and the creation of the following objects, via dedicated functions, where className is a string and every scaleX|Y|Z is a number:

  • Room with scene.createRoom(className, scaleX, scaleY, scaleZ)
  • Plane with scene.createPlane(className, scaleX, scaleY)
  • Box with scene.createBox(className, scaleX, scaleY, scaleZ)
  • Avatar with scene.createAvatar(className, scaleX, scaleY)


Run this project

Install dependencies

npm install

Run the development server

npm start

Local test with npm link

To locally test this library you must first expose this library to your node installation directory. This wil install all dependencies and finally output a symlink message.

npm link

/your-node-path/node/v12.18.1/lib/node_modules/3d-css-scene-test -> /path-to-this-project/3d-css-scene

Then, navigate to another npm project you should link your dependencies to this library. Another symlink message will appear

npm link 3d-css-scene

/path-to-this-project/3d-css-test-app/node_modules/3d-css-scene -> /your-node-path/node/v12.18.1/lib/node_modules/3d-css-scene -> /path-to-3d-css-scene-project/3d-css-scene

This should be enough to test this dependency within another project. You can optionally add 3d-css-scene to your dependencies in package.json. The npm link 3d-css-scene command would override the package from the npm registry.

This library is exported in it's dist mode for better performance and avoid babel syntax problemas when importing. Any time you make changes to this library you'd want to see them reflected in your project. Then you can run the following, to rebuild the library at any given time:

npm run build:watch

Changes should be reflected in any project linked to this library, whenever you change a file.