Resolve 3ID documents

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  import idResolver from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/3id-resolver';


3ID Resolver

This library is intended to resolve 3ID DID documents. 3ID is a thin identity protocol that uses ipfs and ethereum to publish and rotate the cryptographic keys used by an identity.

It supports the proposed Decentralized Identifiers spec from the W3C Credentials Community Group.

It requires the did-resolver library, which is the primary interface for resolving DIDs.

Resolving a DID document

A 3ID resolver is created by passing an IPFS instance to the getResolver() function. To use the resolver returned, it must be passed to a did-resolver instance during instantiation, for example:

import { Resolver } from 'did-resolver'
import { getResolver } from '3id-resolver'

const threeIdResolver = getResolver(ipfs)
const resolver = new Resolver(threeIdResolver)

resolver.resolve('did:3:QmRhjfL4HLdB8LovGf1o43NJ8QnbfqmpdnTuBvZTewnuBV').then(doc => console.log)

// You can also use ES7 async/await syntax
const doc = await resolver.resolve('did:muport:zdpuAt4qH8ur3vHpVrP1xb7rtJuyVUVbRiGatkkVcJZRgAXDf')

See the did-resolver docs for more general usage information on DID resolvers.


  '@context': 'https://w3id.org/did/v1',
  id: 'did:3:zdpuAt4qH8ur3vHpVrP1xb7rtJuyVUVbRiGatkkVcJZRgAXDf',
  publicKeys: [ {
    id: 'did:3:zdpuAt4qH8ur3vHpVrP1xb7rtJuyVUVbRiGatkkVcJZRgAXDf#signingKey',
    type: 'Secp256k1VerificationKey2018',
    publicKeyHex: '03fdd57adec3d438ea237fe46b33ee1e016eda6b585c3e27ea66686c2ea5358479'
  }, {
    id: 'did:3:zdpuAt4qH8ur3vHpVrP1xb7rtJuyVUVbRiGatkkVcJZRgAXDf#encryptionKey',
    type: 'Curve25519EncryptionPublicKey',
    publicKeyBase64: 'fake encryptionKey'
  }, {
    id: 'did:3:zdpuAt4qH8ur3vHpVrP1xb7rtJuyVUVbRiGatkkVcJZRgAXDf#managementKey',
    type: 'Secp256k1VerificationKey2018',
    ethereumAddress: 'fake eth addr'
  authentication: [{
    type: 'Secp256k1SignatureAuthentication2018',
    publicKey: 'did:3:zdpuAt4qH8ur3vHpVrP1xb7rtJuyVUVbRiGatkkVcJZRgAXDf#signingKey'