Generate an AWS Lambda function to authorize API calls using 3scale

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  import scaleLambda from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/3scale-lambda';


3scale Lambda generator

This module generates a Lambda function to integrate the AWS API Gateway with 3scale. Authentication will be required as a user_key query parameter.


Create the following Mapping Template in your AWS API Gateway endpoint:

  "user_key": "$input.params('user_key')",
  "resourcePath": "$context.resourcePath",
  "httpMethod": "$context.httpMethod",
  "body": "$input.json('


The Content-Type of the mapping template should be application/json.

Method names

For each API endpoint you should create the corresponding method in 3scale. That way you will be able to keep track of the aggregate usage of your API as well as the breakdown per endpoint.

It is important that you create the method names in 3scale following this pattern:

  • Endpoint HTTP method: GET
  • Endpoint path: /api/words
  • 3scale method name: api_words_GET

Using it programatically

var generator = require('3scale-lambda');
var params = {
  providerKey: '3SCALE_PROVIDER_KEY',
  serviceId: '3SCALE_SERVICE_ID'
generator(params, '/output/path/');

This will create a zip file at /output/path/3scale-lambda-auth.zip. That zip is the bundle containing the Lambda function and all its dependencies, ready to be uploaded to AWS.