Beautiful 40x error pages showing DA's daily deviations.

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  import 0xda from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/40xda';



Beautiful 40x error pages showing DeviantArt's daily deviations.

40x-da example page This example shows Thoughts Yavannas by kimberly80.

40x-da works as a separate web-server delivering html content for http error pages (400, 401, 402, hence 40xand even 50x ...). It is not meant to be publicly available on the internet (why would you give you user access to a bunch of 40x and 50x pages ?).


Get a DeviantArt API access from here.

Clone this repo and install npm dependencies :

$ cd /path/to/install/directory
$ git clone https://github.com/as0n/40x-da.git
$ cd 40x-da
$ npm install

Run the server :

$ DA_CLIENT_ID=0123 DA_CLIENT_SECRET=my_secret npm start

(maybe you should demonize the process using something like forever).

Configure you internet-facing webserver to proxy 40x and 50x error pages to the 40x-da server. For instance on nginx you could do something like :

server {

    error_page	403	/errors/403
    error_page	404	/errors/404
    error_page	500	/errors/500

    location ~/errors/(\d+) {
        allow all;



  • Every http code is valid : you can GET any url like http://40x-da-server/<status> as long as status is a numeric value.
  • Custom error messages : message can be set via query parameters like so : http://40x-da-server/404?message=These are not the droids you are looking for.
  • Listening port is customizable via the PORT environment variable.
  • 40xda is compatible with heroku !


[X] Add listening port parameter (either via process.env or process.argv); [ ] Add message configuration file to customize displayed messages.

Contributions welcomed !