Access 21's marketplace without a 21 machine

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import 2Cli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/42-cli';



Access the 21 marketplace even if you don’t own a 21 computer yet. 42 is a proxy into the network, with a simple command line tool.

To use it, just install it by running sudo npm install -g 42-cli

$ 42 status
Balance: 0 (satoshis)
Deposit Address: 1MB1V15MprQuQEWR7XGd5L6xnPfyyozDfr

Send bitcoins to your deposit address to fund your account, and then use the buy command as if you had the 21 computer!

$ 42 status
Balance: 10000 (satoshis)
Deposit Address: 1MB1V15MprQuQEWR7XGd5L6xnPfyyozDfr

Buy endpoints calls with:

$ 42 buy
Result: "Successfully retweeted by https://twitter.com/Justinbitcoin"
Spent: 1000 (satoshis)
Balance: 9000 (satoshis)

Query the price of an endpoint

$ 42 buy -i
Cost: 1000 (satoshis)

Here’s a list of 402-enabled endpoints you can try (only the ones using 21 buy command supported for now)


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