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4Chan.js thread scrapper

This project is not in an advanced state and is error prone. Don't hesitate to open an issue if you encounter an error.


npm install -g 4chan-js


-f : Specify a folder where you want to save your images
-e : specify a file format you don't want to download (ex: -e gif)
--noanimation : doesn't download gifs and webms
-u : url of the thread
-m : Specify file system permissions (ex: -e 777) 755 will be used by default


4chan -e png -u https://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/0000000/thread

What it can currently do :

- Download all images and webms from a thread
- Exclude by one or multiple patterns
- Not much else

What will it do in the futur :

- Download depending on file size
- Easily automate scrapping
- Generation of an html page with all images

What it will never do:

- Coffee, sadly
- Scrap other websites
- Scrap entire boards

If you're interested to work on this, have questions or want to yell at me (bad code and stuff): @dupertuiseric

Currently no Windows support