Get lyrics from 4 sites, lyrics.com, musixmatch.com, azlyrics.com and lyricslive.com [2.0 branch]

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import lyric from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/4lyric';



A webscraper to parse and return lyrics from different sites. No API keys required!

Benefits (over main branch)

  • Only 3 dependencies.
  • Uses xpath and xmldom instead of Cheerio and its dependencies.
  • Has (hopefully) functional typings for TypeScript users (v2.0.2).
  • Much cleaner and lighter than master branch.
  • Versatile; easily adaptable to other sites.
  • Removed Lyricslive module entirely as the site is now defunct. songlyrics.com is added in place.


const { MusixMatch, AzLyrics, SongLyricsCom, LyricsCom } = require('./lib/musixmatch');
const M = new MusixMatch();
const A = new AzLyrics();
const S = new SongLyricsCom();
const L = new LyricsCom();

(async () => {
    // musixmatch
    const m_u = await M.fetchURLs('Boston more than a feeling');
    const m_l = await M.fetchLyrics(m_u[0]);
    // azlyrics
    const a_u = await A.fetchURLs('Boston more than a feeling');
    const a_l = await A.fetchLyrics(a_u[0]);
    // songlyrics.com
    const s_u = await S.fetchURLs('Boston more than a feeling');
    const s_l = await S.fetchLyrics(s_u[0]);
    // lyrics.com
    const l_u = await L.fetchURLs('Boston more than a feeling');
    const l_l = await L.fetchLyrics(l_u[0]);


  • If no lyrics or URLs are found, an empty array is returned.
  • Musixmatch is recommended for search accuracy and lyric accuracy.


  1. Options (URL limits, etc.).