Download wallpapers and lock screens from 500px website

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Download wallpapers and lock screens from 500px website.


npm install -g 500wallpaper
# OR
yarn global add 500wallpaper

Alternatively, you can also invoke the binary directly with npx:

npx 500wallpaper


Run 500wallpaper without argument to download the recently added photo with the highest Pulse from 500px.

View the list of options using 500wallpaper --help:

Usage: 500wallpaper [options]

  -V, --version                  output the version number
  -f, --feature <featureName>    photo stream to be retrieved
  -c, --category <categoryName>  category to return photos from (case sensitive, separate multiple values with a comma)
  -w, --width <minWidth>         minimum width of the photo to be downloaded
  -H, --height <minHeight>       minimum height of the photo to be downloaded
  -l, --landscape                the photo must be in landscape orientation
  -o, --output <fileName>        destination file name without extension
  -h, --help                     output usage information

  popular, highest_rated, upcoming, editors, fresh_today, fresh_yesterday, fresh_week

  Uncategorized, Abstract, Aerial, Animals, Black and White, Celebrities, City and Architecture, Commercial, Concert, Family, Fashion, Film, Fine Art, Food, Journalism, Landscapes, Macro, Nature, Night, Nude, People, Performing Arts, Sport, Still Life, Street, Transportation, Travel, Underwater, Urban Exploration, Wedding

  $ 500wallpaper
  $ 500wallpaper -o wallpaper
  $ 500wallpaper -f editors -c Landscapes -H 2048 -l -o ~/Images/wallpaper
  $ 500wallpaper -f popular -c "City and Architecture,Landscapes,Nature,Travel" -H 4096 -l


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.