Automated mitigation for NPM issue #5082.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import 082 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/5082';




NPM issue #5082 will break your repository and there is absolutely nothing you can do about except republish. This code automates detection and resolution. For background read the issue: https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/5082

Tested in production with package prettydiff starting with version v1.16.34. Package is written in vanilla JS works cross-OS.


Make these changes to your project's package.json:

  • Include 5082 as a devDependency
  • Add this path to scripts.publish NPM script, example: "publish": "node node_modules/5082/5082.js"
  • Add options (not required) to a new property config5082

Once that is complete run npm install within your project to install 5082 as a devDependency local to your package.


There are three supported options:

  • beautify - A boolean indicating whether the
  • files - an array to store paths for additional files in your repo that may contain version numbers that might also need to be bumped. The files should be a relative path from your project's package.json file. No need to include package.json in this list. It will be corrected anyways. If you do include it by accident it will not be processed twice.
  • options - An object storing configurations for beautification. The supported beautifier is Pretty Diff.

Execution path

  1. Get the options from your package.json file
  2. Remove the temporary directory specified in the next step (just in case it is already there)
  3. mkdir ../packageName5082/node_modules
  4. cd ../packageName5082/node_modules
  5. npm install packageName
  6. fs.readFile("package.json") gather version and main
  7. fs.readdir(packageName) see if main file is present
  8. If main file is present then remove ../packageName5082 directory and exit
  9. If main file is absent the bump version number in package.json
  10. Bump the version number in other specified files and write them to disk
  11. Optionally beautify package.json before writing to disk
  12. Write package.json to disk
  13. publish package
  14. run this application again recursively (let's hope you don't get a 5082 error twice in a row)


MIT License