Babel 6 convenience wrapper

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Babel 6 CLI convenience wrapper. If you have a simple Babel 6 setup, 625 can remove much of the boilerplate. No need for a .babelrc file. No need to pollute your package.json file with a bunch of Babel modules. No need to remember which Babel module does what. No need to repeat this process for all of your projects.

Steps to use 625:

  1. npm i 625
  2. Replace any command line usage of Babel with 625.
  3. Remove the unnecessary Babel boilerplate and cruft.
  4. Profit!

The Fine Print

  • 625 provides the functionality of babel-preset-es2015.
  • 625 is only a wrapper around Babel, which is run inside of a child process.
  • 625 does not currently provide any type of API; just a simple CLI wrapper.