An easy-to-use Lavalink client for NodeJS.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Documentation & Guides


Note: Java v11 or newer is required to run the Lavalink.jar. Java v13 is recommended. If you are using sdkman then its a manager, not Java, you have to install sdkman and use sdkman to install Java

Warning: Java v14 has issues with Lavalink.



npm install erela.js

Yarn :

yarn add erela.js

Getting Started

  • Create an application.yml file in your working directory and copy the example into the created file and edit it with your configuration.

  • Run the jar file by running java -jar Lavalink.jar in a Terminal window.

Example usage

Please read the guides to start: https://solaris.codes/projects/erelajs/guides/introduction.html


You can use plugins below to extend Erela.js' features easily.

Note: These are the only ones shown before being published, check the GitHub repository for a complete list.

  • erela.js-spotify - Converts a Spotify URL into a UnresolvedTrack to play later.


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