Interact with a 7DTD web API from Allocs Fixes

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  import daystodieApiWrapper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/7daystodie-api-wrapper';


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7 Days to die API wrapper

A simple wrapper around the web API from Alloc's fixes mod.


  • A 7 Days to Die server running Alloc's Fixes

The port required for this module is the same as the dynamic map page. For more info, see the documentation of the mod itself https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/Ports

Example usage

Install with npm npm i 7daystodie-api-wrapper --only=prod

const SdtdApi = require('7daystodie-api-wrapper');

const sdtdServer = {
   ip: "",
   port: "8082",
   adminUser: "admin",
   adminToken: "secret"


async function foo() {
   let stats = await SdtdApi.getStats(sdtdServer);
   console.log(`The current ingame time is ${stats.gametime.days} days, ${stats.gametime.hours} hours and ${stats.gametime.minutes} minutes.`)

Running tests

To run tests, you must have a working 7 Days to die server with allocs fixes installed. You must also have at least one player profile saved on the server (logging in once will do this).

Fill in the server connection info in a .env file (see example file) and then run npm test

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