Wrapper script for 7zip-bin

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import zipBinWrapper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/7zip-bin-wrapper';



Wrapper script for 7zip-bin

Parsing output from 7za, create progress event.

Params used by this package: (not able to use your self)

  • -bs??
  • -y

Progress created from 7za output line:

/^(\d+[%M])(?: - )?(.*)$/

Data Define:

interface IStatusReport {
    progress: number; // 0 ~ 100
    message: string;

interface TheHandler {
    on(event: 'progress', cb: (progress: IStatusReport) => void): this;
    on(event: 'output', cb: (data: string) => void): this;
    /** by default, 7z will run at nextTick, but you can use hold() to prevent it */
    hold(): void;
    /** terminate 7z process */
    cancel(): Promise<void>;
    /** command line to run */
    readonly commandline: ReadonlyArray<string>;
    /** 7z's cwd */
    readonly cwd: string;
    /** wait process complete */
    promise(): Promise<void>;


import { sevenZip, sevenZipCli, extract, compress } from '7zip-bin-wrapper';

let handler: TheHandler;

// run raw command
handler = sevenZip('x', 'xxx.7z');
// run raw command, with spawn Option
handler = sevenZip({ cwd: '/tmp' }, 'x', 'xxx.7z');

// prevent add -y to 7za, and inherit stdin
handler = sevenZipCli('x', 'xxx.7z');

handler = extract('xxx.7z', 'some/where/else');
handler = compress('xxx.7z', 'to/include/', 'another/include/');