API for accessing 9hentai.com

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9Hentai API

A NodeJS module written in TypeScript to access 9hentai's undocumented API.


const { NineHentaiAPI } = require('9hentai');
const api = new NineHentaiAPI();

const search_results = await api.search('query');

if (search_results.status) console.log(search_results.results);


class NineHentaiAPI: main API class

static async get_all_tags(): Promise<APITag[]>: gets a list of all cached tags


  • options (optional):
    • options.fetch_options: options to pass to node-fetch
    • options.timeout: timeout, in ms, for fetch requests. Default: 25000
    • options.fetch_tags: boolean, whether or not a list of all tags should be fetched. Required for auto-tagging. Tags are only fetched once per process. Note that due to the tag fetch, immediately searching after constructing an API object can be slower. Default: true
    • tag_minimum_usage: minimum numbers of uses for tags to be fetched. Default: 20

async get_tags(request: APITagRequest): Promise<APITagResult>: gets a list of tags.

  • request: APITagRequest: see APITagRequest for parameters

async get_book(id: number | string): Promise<NineHentaiBook | null>: gets a book given it's id. Returns null if nto found

  • id: number|string: book id

async search(query: string, options?): Promise<NineHentaiSearch>: searches for books given a query

  • query: string: the query to search for
  • options: search options
    • options.auto_tag: boolean: whether search queries should be converted to tags. For example, the query neptunia futa gets converted
    • options.page: number: the page to search on (zero-indexed). Default: 0
    • options.pages: { range: [number, number] }: the allowed number of pages a book can be. This is an object with a property called range which has an array of two values, the lower bound and upper bound. Default: { range: [0, 2000] }
    • options.sort: APISortOrder: the order the results should be sorted in. See APISortOrder for values. Default: APISortOrder.NEWEST
    • options.text: the text to search for. Default: ''
    • options.tag.items: excluded/included tags
      • options.tag.items.excluded: array of excluded tags. Tags are objects with a numeric id and type property. Default: []
      • options.tag.items.included: array of included tags. Tags are objects with a numeric id and type property. Default: []
      • note: 9hentai's tag search is broken, and searching for more than one tag can cause results with completely different tags to be returned

async search(options: Partial<APISearchRequest>): Promise<NineHentaiSearch>: search for books given a search object

  • options: search options. Options are same as above, except this method does not support auto-tagging

class NineHentaiSearch: a search result returned by the API

  • status: boolean: if this search was successful. In rare cases such as a 500 server error or invalid data passed, this can be false
  • pages: number: number of pages returned from the search
  • results: NineHentaiBook[]: array of books returned from the search

class NineHentaiBook: a book result returned by the API

  • page_count: number: number of pages the book has
  • views: number: number of views the book has
  • favorites: number: number of favorites the book has
  • downloads: number: number of downloads the book has
  • title: string: the main title for the book
  • alt_title: string: the alternate title, usually in japanese
  • id: number: the book gallery id
  • tags: APITag[]: list of tags this book has
  • cover: string: url of the book cover
  • cover_small: string: url of the small book cover
  • thumbnails: string[]: array of thumbnail urls of the book
  • pages: string[]: array of page image urls of the book

API Types


export type APIBook = {
    alt_title: string, // japanese title
    id: number,
    image_server: string,
    tags: (APITag & {
        pivot: {
            book_id: number,
            tag_id: number
    title: string,
    total_download: number,
    total_favorite: number,
    total_page: number,
    total_view: number


export type APISearchRequest = {
    page: number,
    pages: {
        range: [number, number]
    sort: APISortOrder,
    text: string,
    tag: {
        text?: string,
        type?: APITagType,
        tags?: [],
        items: {
            excluded: (
                Pick<APITag, 'id' | 'type'> & 
                { [key: string]: any }
            included: (
                Pick<APITag, 'id' | 'type'> & 
                { [key: string]: any }


export const enum APISortOrder {
    NEWEST = 0,
    MOST_FAPPED = 2,
    MOST_VIEWED = 3,
    TITLE = 4   


export type APITag = {
    description: string | null,
    id: number,
    name: string,
    type: APITagType,
    books_count: number


export enum APITagType {
    TAG = 1,
    GROUP = 2,
    PARODY = 3,
    ARTIST = 4,
    CHARACTER = 5,
    CATEGORY = 6,
    LANGUAGE = 7


export type APITagRequest = {
    type: APITagType,
    search: {
        letter: string,
        page: number,
        sort: APITagSortOrder,
        text: string,
        uses: number


export const enum APITagSortOrder {
    NAME = 0,
    MOST_USES = 1,
    LEAST_USES = 2