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  import waresReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/9wares-react';


9Wares React


NPM project to make sharing common javascript files between projects easier. Also supports versioning library changes.

Using in another project

`npm install --save 9wares-react

On an existing application, just update the version tag in the package.json file and perform the npm install to have it updated.

Running Test App

  • npm start - runs on http://localhost:6425/

Building a Release

  • npm test - make sure all tests pass
  • npm run build - will package it to the dist folder
  • Everything must be committed by this point
  • npm version patch|minor|major - to bump the (appropriate) version

This will create a git tag of the new version that needs to be pushed.

git push origin v0.0.16

Alternatively, you can push "all" the local tags to the server this way...

git push origin --tags

You can removed undesired local tags using below. Helpful if a version tag was created that had bugs and needed to be rebuilt but wasn't deployed or pushed.

git tag -d v0.0.10