keys/constants for the `-0` org/framework built on @thi.ng/umbrella ecosystem

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  import 0Keys from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@-0/keys';


git subtree push --prefix=my/folder subtree_origin master


  • --prefix=my/folder is the folder within your supertree that you want to push to the subtree
  • master is the branch in the subtree,
  • subtree_origin is just another remote, which happens to point to your subtree's git repository. You can also type the full repo URL.
git subtree pull --prefix=my/folder subtree_origin master


  • pull is the inverse of push (consume from subtree rather than produce to subtree)
  • --prefix=my/folder is the folder/directory you want to pull the subtree into
  • subtree (remote)
  • master (branch)


  • all control is handled in the supertree
  • use git remote add <subtree_origin> for cleaner git commands from supertree
  • subtrees work independently and are consumed from/produced to from supertree

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