A collection of reusable UI components

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  import 0biePatternLib from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@0bie/pattern-lib';


Pattern Library

A collection of reusable UI components.


Written using modern CSS and JavaScript features, the purpose of its creation is to enhance the client-side development process by providing a core base of reusable code (components).

pattern-lib can be used across projects at different scales, in order to reduce weight the distributed code consists of only the components (or helpers) which have been included in the manifest file.

A manifest file (manifest.[js|scss]) contains the list of files that are included in the final build.


  • Install yarn
  • Install project dependencies: yarn install
  • Start development server: yarn start (http://localhost:8080)


  • Run Delopment Build: yarn build:dev
  • Run production build: yarn build:prod


Pattern Library Docs