This project provides ActiveMQ, Camel, Karaf and Spring Boot plugins for hawtio.

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  import 0negativHawtioIntegration from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@0negativ/hawtio-integration';




This project provides ActiveMQ, Camel, Karaf and Spring Boot plugins for hawtio.


yarn add @hawtio/integration

Set up development environment

Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio-integration
cd hawtio-integration

Install development tools

Install project dependencies

yarn install


Run the web application

yarn start

Change the default proxy port

To proxy to a local JVM running on a different port than 8282 specify the --port CLI arguement to gulp:

yarn start -- --port=8181

Output build to a different directory

When developing this plugin in a dependent console you can change the output directory where the compiled .js and .css go. Just use the --out flag to set a different output directory, for example:

gulp watch --out=../fabric8-console/libs/hawtio-integration/dist/

Whenever the build completes the compiled .js file will be put into the target directory. Don't forget to first do a gulp build without this flag before committing changes!

Turn on source maps generation for debugging TypeScript

If you want to debug .ts using a browser developer tool such as Chrome DevTools, pass the --sourcemap flag to gulp:

gulp --sourcemap

Do not use this flag when you are committing the compiled .js file, as it embeds source maps to the output file. Use this flag only during development.

Upgrade Apache Camel

In order to support the latest Camel meta model in Camel plugin, you need to update the camelModel.js with the latest camel-catalog. To do so, first update the Camel version in the camel-model-generator pom.xml:


then run the following yarn script:

yarn update-camel-model