Add a dependency to matched packages

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Add a dependency to matched packages

Install lerna for access to the lerna CLI.


$ lerna add <package>[@version] [--dev] [--exact]

Add local or remote package as dependency to packages in the current Lerna repo. Note that only a single package can be added at a time compared to yarn add or npm install.

When run, this command will:

  1. Add package to each applicable package. Applicable are packages that are not package and are in scope
  2. Bootstrap packages with changes to their manifest file (package.json)

If no version specifier is provided, it defaults to the latest dist-tag, just like npm install.


lerna add respects the --ignore, --scope and --include-filtered-dependencies flags (see Filter Flags).


Add the new package to devDependencies instead of dependencies.


$ lerna add --exact

Add the new package with an exact version (e.g., 1.0.1) rather than the default ^ semver range (e.g., ^1.0.1).

--registry <url>

Use a custom registry to install the targeted package.


Skip the chained lerna bootstrap.


# Adds the module-1 package to the packages in the 'prefix-' prefixed folders
lerna add module-1 packages/prefix-*

# Install module-1 to module-2
lerna add module-1 --scope=module-2

# Install module-1 to module-2 in devDependencies
lerna add module-1 --scope=module-2 --dev

# Install module-1 in all modules except module-1
lerna add module-1

# Install babel-core in all modules
lerna add babel-core