Ethereum web3 errors 0xcert protocol.

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  import 0xcertWeb3ErrorParser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@0xcert/web3-error-parser';


Error Description
ZERO_ADDRESS One of the addresses provided was a zero (0x0) address.
INVALID_NFT Provided NFT is invalid (id does not exist).
NOT_AUTHORIZED Indicates that a user is not authorized for the action(not approved for transfer/does not have a certain ability etc.).
RECEIVER_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_NFT Smart contract to which you are transfering NFT does not implement a way to safely receive a NFT.
NFT_ALREADY_EXISTS A NFT with the same ID already exists. You cannot create multiple NFTs with the same ID.
INVALID_INDEX NFT at provided index does not exist.
TRANSFERS_PAUSED NFT transfers are paused.
COIN_TRANSFER_FAILED Coin transfer within the exchange order failed.
INVALID_SIGNATURE_KIND Provided signature kind is not supported.
INVALID_PROXY Provided proxy is not supported.
YOU_ARE_NOT_THE_TAKER You are trying to perform an order from an account that cannot perform it. Check order takerId field to see which address has the ability to perform this order.
SENDER_NOT_TAKER_OR_MAKER You are trying to transfer assets that you are not allowed.
ORDER_EXPIRED Order has expired (check expiration field).
INVALID_SIGNATURE The signature provided is invalid.
ORDER_CANCELED Order has been canceled.
ORDER_CANNOT_BE_PERFORMED_TWICE Order was already performed and cannot be performed twice.
YOU_ARE_NOT_THE_MAKER User making the transaction is not he order maker. Check the makerId field.
SIGNER_NOT_AUTHORIZED Signature provided was signed by an unauthorized user.
ONE_ZERO_ABILITY_HAS_TO_EXIST There always has to be at least on user with the ability to assign new abilities.
GENERAL_REVERT Transaction reverted from an unknown reason.
TRANSATION_RESPONSE_ERROR_CHECK_PENDING_TRANSACTIONS While executing the transaction there was an error with the response. The transaction may or may not have executed sucessfully. Please recheck transaction status and pending transactions.
INVALID_ADDRESS User/smart contract address provided is invalid.
UNHANDLED An unhandled error has occured.