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⚠️ Deprecation Warning ️️⚠️

This project is deprecated and no longer maintained, refer to 0xProject/protocol and 0xProject/tools instead.

0x is an open protocol that facilitates trustless, low friction exchange of Ethereum-based assets. For more information on how it works, check out the 0x protocol specification.

This repository is a monorepo including the 0x protocol smart contracts and numerous developer tools. Each public sub-package is independently published to NPM.

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Visit our developer portal for a comprehensive list of core & community maintained packages. All packages maintained with this monorepo are listed below.

Python Packages

Package Version Description
0x-contract-addresses PyPI A tiny utility library for getting known deployed contract addresses for a particular network
0x-contract-artifacts PyPI 0x smart contract compilation artifacts
0x-contract-wrappers PyPI 0x smart contract wrappers
0x-json-schemas PyPI 0x-related JSON schemas
0x-order-utils PyPI A set of utilities for generating, parsing, signing and validating 0x orders
0x-sra-client PyPI A Python client for interacting with servers conforming to the Standard Relayer API specification

Solidity Packages

These packages are all under development. See /contracts/README.md for a list of deployed packages.

Package Version Description
@0x/contracts-asset-proxy npm AssetProxy contracts used within the protocol
@0x/contracts-erc20 npm Implementations of various ERC20 tokens
@0x/contracts-erc721 npm Implementations of various ERC721 tokens
@0x/contracts-erc1155 npm Implementations of various ERC1155 tokens
@0x/contracts-exchange npm The Exchange contract used for settling trades within the protocol
@0x/contracts-exchange-forwarder npm A Forwarder contract used to simplify UX for interacting with the protocol
@0x/contracts-exchange-libs npm Protocol specific libraries used within the Exchange contract
@0x/contracts-extensions npm Contracts that interact with and extend the functionality of the core protocol
@0x/contracts-multisig npm Various implementations of multisignature wallets, including the AssetProxyOwner contract that has permissions to upgrade the protocol
@0x/contracts-test-utils npm TypeScript/Javascript shared utilities used for testing contracts
@0x/contracts-utils npm Generic libraries and utilities used throughout all of the contracts
@0x/contracts-coordinator npm A contract that allows users to execute 0x transactions with permission from a Coordinator
@0x/contracts-dev-utils npm A contract contains utility functions for developers (such as validating many orders using a single eth_call)
@0x/contracts-staking npm Implements the stake-based liquidity incentives defined by ZEIP-31

TypeScript/Javascript Packages

0x-specific packages

Package Version Description
0x.js npm An aggregate package combining many smaller utility packages for interacting with the 0x protocol
@0x/contract-addresses npm A tiny utility library for getting known deployed contract addresses for a particular network.
@0x/contract-wrappers npm JS/TS wrappers for interacting with the 0x smart contracts
@0x/order-utils npm A set of utilities for generating, parsing, signing and validating 0x orders
@0x/json-schemas npm 0x-related JSON schemas
@0x/migrations npm Migration tool for deploying 0x smart contracts on private testnets
@0x/contract-artifacts npm 0x smart contract compilation artifacts
@0x/sra-spec npm OpenAPI specification for the Standard Relayer API
@0x/connect npm An HTTP/WS client for interacting with the Standard Relayer API
@0x/asset-swapper npm Convenience package for discovering and performing swaps for any ERC20 Assets

Ethereum tooling

Package Version Description
@0x/web3-wrapper npm An Ethereum JSON RPC client
@0x/sol-compiler npm A wrapper around solc-js that adds smart re-compilation, ability to compile an entire project, Solidity version specific compilation, standard input description support and much more.
@0x/sol-coverage npm A solidity test coverage tool
@0x/sol-profiler npm A solidity gas cost profiler
@0x/sol-trace npm A solidity stack trace tool
@0x/sol-resolver npm Import resolver for smart contracts dependencies
@0x/subproviders npm Web3 provider middlewares (e.g. LedgerSubprovider)
@0x/sol-doc npm Solidity documentation generator


Package Version Description
@0x/abi-gen npm Tool to generate TS wrappers from smart contract ABIs
@0x/tslint-config npm Custom TSLint rules used by the 0x core team
@0x/types npm Shared type declarations
@0x/typescript-typings npm Repository of types for external packages
@0x/utils npm Shared utilities
@0x/assert npm Type and schema assertions used by our packages
@0x/base-contract npm BaseContract used by auto-generated abi-gen wrapper contracts
@0x/dev-utils npm Dev utils to be shared across 0x packages

Private Packages

Package Description
@0x/instant A free and flexible way to offer simple crypto purchasing in any app or website.


Node version 6.x or 8.x is required.

Most of the packages require additional typings for external dependencies. You can include those by prepending the @0x/typescript-typings package to your typeRoots config.

"typeRoots": ["node_modules/@0x/typescript-typings/types", "node_modules/@types"],


We strongly recommend that the community help us make improvements and determine the future direction of the protocol. To report bugs within this package, please create an issue in this repository.

Read our contribution guidelines.

Install dependencies

Make sure you are using Yarn v1.9.4. To install using brew:

brew install yarn@1.9.4

Then install dependencies

yarn install

You will also need to have Python 3 installed, in order to build and run the tests of abi-gen's command-line interface, which is integrated with the yarn build, yarn test, and yarn lint commands described below. More specifically, your local pip should resolve to the Python 3 version of pip, not a Python 2.x version.


To build all packages:

yarn build

To build a specific package:

PKG=@0x/web3-wrapper yarn build

To build all contracts packages:

yarn build:contracts


To re-build all packages on change:

yarn watch

To watch a specific package and all it's dependent packages:


PKG=@0x/web3-wrapper yarn watch


Clean all packages:

yarn clean

Clean a specific package

PKG=0x.js yarn clean


To re-build (clean & build) all packages:

yarn rebuild

To re-build (clean & build) a specific package & it's deps:

PKG=0x.js yarn rebuild


Lint all packages:

yarn lint

Lint a specific package:

PKG=0x.js yarn lint

Run Tests

Run all tests:

yarn test

Run a specific package's test:

PKG=@0x/web3-wrapper yarn test

Run all contracts packages tests:

yarn test:contracts