Common webpack config.

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  import 0y0WebpackConfigVanilla from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@0y0/webpack-config-vanilla';


@0y0/webpack-config-vanilla ยท GitHub license npm

@0y0/webpack-config-vanilla is a common webpack config.


npm install @0y0/webpack-config-vanilla --save-dev


const createWebpackConfig = require('@0y0/webpack-config-vanilla')
const webpackConfig = createWebpackConfig(options)


Name Type Default Description
isDev boolean true Whether or not development environment
appName string (required) Application name
rootDir string (required) Project directory
srcDir string {rootDir}/src Source directory
distDir string {rootDir}/dist Distribution directory
staticDir string {rootDir}/src/static Static directory
jsChunks object { app: '{rootDir}/src/index.js' } JS entries
htmlChunks object { app: '{rootDir}/src/index.html' } HTML entries
publicPath string / Public path
assetPath string / Asset path
serviceWorkerPath string /sw.js Service worker path
resolveAlias object Module aliases. See webpack doc for details
chunkGroups object Cache groups config of split chunk plugin. See webpack doc for details
variables object {} Global variables
workboxOptions object Workbox options. See workbox doc for details
useSourceMap boolean false Whether or not enable source map
useWebpackAnalyzer boolean false Whether or not enable webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin
host string localhost Dev server host
port number 8080 Dev server port
proxy object Dev server proxy. See webpack doc for details

Check out the example app to see more details.