Accessible audio component.

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  import 10upComponentAudio from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@10up/component-audio';


NOTE: This is a very initial pass. Recommend waiting on first usage until fully tested. Updates coming shortly.

10up Audio component

Support Level License: MIT Build Status



npm install --save @10up/component-audio


Clone this repo and import audio.js and audio.css from the dist/ directory.


The following lists the latest supported callbacks. Each callback receives an instance of the player.


Fires when the audio has been started or is no longer paused

onplay: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the audio/video has been paused

onpause: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when an error occurred during the loading of an audio

onerror: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the browser starts looking for the audio

onloadstart: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the current playlist is ended

onended: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the audio is playing after having been paused or stopped for buffering

onplaying: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the browser is downloading the audio

onprogress: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the user starts moving/skipping to a new position in the audio

onseeking: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the user is finished moving/skipping to a new position in the audio

onseeked: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the current playback position has changed

ontimeupdate: (playerInstance) => {}


Fires when the volume has been changed

onvolumechange: (playerInstance) => {}


The following is a list of optional properties, their types and usages.

| Property | Default value | Type | Usage | |-|-|-|-| | playLabel | Play | String | Label for the play button | | playLabel | Stop | String | Label for the stop button | | stopLabel | Stop | String | Label for the pause button | | pauseLabel | Pause | String | Label for the mute button | | muteLabel | Mute | String | Label for the mute button | | volumeLabel | Volume | String | Label for the volume slider | | scrubberLabel | Scrub Timeline | String | Label for the scrubber slider | | currentTimeLabel | Total Time | String | Label for the total time | | showMute | true | Boolean | Maybe show the mute button | | showStop | true | Boolean | Maybe show the stop button | | showTimer | true | Boolean | Maybe show the timer control | | showVolume | true | Boolean | Maybe show the volume slider | | showScrubber | true | Boolean | Maybe show the scrubber control | | localStorage | true | Boolean | Maybe enable localStorage. This allows a user to reload the page, and pickup where they last left off. | | debug | true | Boolean | Maybe turn on debug mode. Debug mode outputs helpful information in the console window of the browser. |


This is the markup template expected by the component. Use an HTML audio player, wrapped with an element containing a class. Here we use a div with a class of 'audio'.


<div class="audio">
   <audio controls>
       <source src="path/to/audio-file.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
       Your browser does not support the audio element.
</div> <!-- //.audio -->


Create a new instance by supplying the selector to use for the audio and an object containing any necessary callback functions.

import Audio from '@10up/component-audio';

const audioInstance = new Audio( '.audio', { ...options } );


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Coming soon


Coming soon

Support Level

Active: 10up is actively working on this, and we expect to continue work for the foreseeable future including keeping tested up to the most recent version of WordPress. Bug reports, feature requests, questions, and pull requests are welcome.

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