Tools to help with writing and formatting text.

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  import 11inScribe from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@11in/scribe';



This is a collection of tools for doing writing in an 11ty website. It is an opinionated collection, and while it offers the option to customize parts it doesn't allow you to turn parts of: It's kind of all or nothing. Still, it's mostly a package for existing plugins + a few small tools, so if you really want only part of it you can just pull that part out and use what you need.


First, you have to install the package:

$ npm i @11in/scribe

Add the plugin to your 11ty project. If you're using Elfin you can just add it to your 11ty/plugins/loader.js:

module.exports = conf => {

That's it!

Features & Usage

For more details on how to use and customize Scribe, see the documentation.