textarea component whose onchange is debounced, perfect for use in redux apps

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<script type="module">
  import 18fReduxTextareaDebounce from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@18f/redux-textarea-debounce';



A React component that emulates a <textarea> but debounces the onChange event, which is especially useful for redux apps. If you try to handle every onChange by routing it through the dispatcher and all that fun stuff, your app may begin to lag. This app helps with that!


npm i @18f/redux-textarea-debounce


Whatever function you provide as the onChange prop is debounced so it only runs at most once every 200ms. As long as the user keeps typing, it won't run at all - unless they slow down long enough.

It's as much like a regular textarea as possible:

import TextArea from '@18f/redux-textarea-debounce';

function handler(e) {
  // You get the full SyntheticEvent object, but
  // not on every change - at most once every 200ms

render() {
  return (
    <TextArea value="initial value" onChange={handler} />

|Prop|Type|Description| |--|--|--| |value|string|The initial text value of the text area.| |name|string|A name for the component, passed down to the underlying <textarea> - this will show up on the event as event.target.name.| |onChange|function|The event handler for change events, called at most once ever 200ms. Receives one argument, a React SyntheticEvent from the underlying real <textarea> component.|

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