Exports 18xx-maker data into ruby files

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  import 18xxMakerExportRb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@18xx-maker/export-rb';



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This package exports files needed to load 18xx-maker data into ruby projects, specifically in the format that 18xx.games requires.


You can use this package from node or via the command line.


When you npm install this package globaly:

npm install -g @18xx-maker/export-rb

you end up with a script that can output all tiles, or game files directly:

# Render the tiles file
18xx-export-rb tiles

# Render some games
18xx-export-rb game 1830
18xx-export-rb game 1889


To use this package in node:

const exportRb = require("@18xx-maker/export-rb");

// All tiles are in exportRb.tiles
// All games are in exportRb.games

// Render tiles
const tilesRb = exportRb.renderTiles(exportRb.tiles);

// Render a game
const gameRb = exportRb.renderGame(exportRb.games["1830"]);

// If you have a game json that's not from @18xx-maker/games
// you can render that too:
const otherGameRb = exportRb.renderGame(require("./18Awesome.json"));