Game and tile files for 18xx-maker

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This repository contains the game and tile files that 18xx-maker uses. It's purpose is to allow others to get access to these files easily without needed to use the entire 18xx-maker repository.


We're going to try to keep tiles in this repo consistant with a standard.

  • If there is a straight on the tile, have it go from side 1-4 by default.
  • If there are two straights on the tile have them go from side 1-4 and 2-5.
  • When there are multiple track all originating from one side, prefer that to be side 1 (This allows tiles like 26/27, and 28/29 to be symetrical).
  • Prefer lower number tile sides for all track. This means a sharp alone with be 1-2, a gentle 1-3 and a straight 1-4.
  • Prefer to leave highest number sides open when possible (This often will agree with the last rule). For example: a 5 sided tile should leave side 6 open. A three sided tile should leave sides 4-6 open.
  • When a tile is in a chicken foot configuration (like 19 or 619) prefer to use sides 1,3,4,5 (This should correspond with the keeping straights on sides 1-4).
  • Track coming from the lower side should be "over" and the other track should be "under" when applicable.