A bootstrap datetime picker component for React.js

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<script type="module">
  import 1stquadReactBootstrapDatetimepicker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@1stquad/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker';



This project is a port of https://github.com/Eonasdan/bootstrap-datetimepicker for React.js


Installation : npm install --save @1stquad/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker


var DateTimeField = require('react-bootstrap-datetimepicker');

import DateTimeField from "react-bootstrap-datetimepicker"


render: function() {
  return <DateTimeField />;

See Examples for more details.



Name Type Default Description
dateTime string or moment moment.utc().format('x') Represents the initial dateTime. If this is a string it will be parsed by moment.js using format, otherwise an existing moment instance may be used.
format string "x" Defines the format moment.js should use to parse and output the date to onChange
inputFormat string or array see default format table below Defines the accepted date formats in the HTML input. It must be a format understandable by moment.js
inputDisplayFormat string When there is no inputFormat given:
see default format table below.

When an inputFormat is given and it is a string: it takes the inputFormat.

When the inputFormat is an array: it takes the first inputFormat.
Defines the display format of the date in the HTML input. It must be a format understandable by moment.js.

If there is an inputFormat given, the inputDisplayFormat must be one of the formats listed in the inputFormat
onChange function x => console.log(x) Callback trigger when the date changes. x is the new datetime value.
onBlur function () => {} Callback trigger when the date field blurs.
onEnterKeyDown function () => {} Callback trigger when the Enter key is pressed.
showToday boolean true Highlights today's date
size string "md" Changes the size of the date picker input field. Sizes: "sm", "md", "lg"
daysOfWeekDisabled array of integer [] Disables clicking on some days. Goes from 0 (Sunday) to 6 (Saturday).
viewMode string or number 'days' The default view to display when the picker is shown. ('time', 'years', 'months', 'days')
inputProps object undefined Defines additional attributes for the input element of the component.
inputRef string or function inputDateTime Allows a custom reference to be passed to the input field.
minDate moment undefined The earliest date allowed for entry in the calendar view.
maxDate moment undefined The latest date allowed for entry in the calendar view.
mode string undefined Allows to selectively display only the time picker ('time'), date picker ('date'), date-timepicker ('datetime') or month picker ('month')
defaultText string undefined Sets the input's placeholder value. Could be an empty string, or helper text.
name string undefined Sets the name of the input element.
tabIndex string undefined Sets the tabIndex of the input element.
startOfWeek string "isoWeek" Define start of week day. ('isoWeek' - from Monday, 'week' - from Sunday)

Default Format Based on Mode

Mode Format
time "h:mm A"
date "MM/DD/YY"
month "MM/YY"
none given "MM/DD/YY h:mm A"

Release Process

Once your pull request has been merged to master:

  1. Make sure you have the latest changes by running git pull on the master branch.

  2. (Optional) Check that your changes are reflected in the lib/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker.js file by running npm run build-npm and checking the file manually from the lib folder.

  3. When you're happy with your changes, run on your console:

    npm run patch-release


    npm run minor-release


    npm run major-release

Please respect semantic versioning!

If the release command fails, then please read what the release command does (see package.json), and figure out which step of the process went wrong, so that you can re-try just that bit. If you get stuck, ping #ex-myob-widgets for help!

Local linking to another project

  1. Run npm run build-npm from the react-bootstrap-datetimepicker console.
  2. In your other project's package.json, Use "@1stquad/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker: "#{local_path}/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker" instead of "@1stquad/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker": "1.0.5" in the dependency list.
  3. Run npm install @1stquad/react-bootstrap-datetimepicker from the same folder level as the package.json.

Update Warning

Starting from 0.0.6, the 3 github repositories react-bootstrap-datetimepicker, react-bootstrap-datetimepicker-npm and react-bootstrap-datetimepicker-bower are merged in a single one. The build process changed but the API is the same. However now the package exports DateTimeField directly, no need to do :

var DateTimeField = require('react-bootstrap-datetimepicker').DateTimeField;

instead use :

var DateTimeField = require('react-bootstrap-datetimepicker');


There is still plenty of features missing compared to the original date time picker, hence contributions would be highly appreciated.