A npm-link helper CLI for npm package develop with Main Project

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A npm-link helper for npm package develop with Main Project

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Start your npm library created by create-parcel-react-library

Link your npm package to Main Project to test in Project ENV.

Auto-run npm-link for both Library and Project.

Link peers to the Main Project


  • Easy-to-use


Use npx directly

To start npm-link your library :

npx @21epub/npm-link-peerdeps start # start npm-link for project dev

After answer prompts , It will do something below:

  • Npm link current library in library cwd
  • Rm peers from node_modules
  • Install library to Main Project & Link it to Main project
  • Watch & re bundle library code

To stop npm-link and return back to your library local dev :

npx @21epub/npm-link-peerdeps stop # stop npm-link for project dev

Or install and run as global

npm install -g @21epub/npm-link-peerdeps
npm-link-peerdeps start
npm-link-peerdeps stop


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