A Library providing creative uses of the native Storage interface API.

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  import 21gramConsultingStorageApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@21gram-consulting/storage-api';


The Concept

Given the stable, widespread and mature interface, the Storage API we always envisioned certain use cases for the interface, besides the well-knowns:

Why couldn't the same interface as Storage API work for in-memory data? How about REST API served Resources? Or even better, mediate between client-side persisted data and a server-side REST API without any added programmer complexity?

The vision for this project is to provide as much Storage API utilities as possible in hope, that one day data models handled by JavaScript / TypeScript apps become flexible, and interchangeable without a framework or idiomatic BS lock-in.

API Docs

We generate API docs using TypeDoc.
Click here to access 21Gram Consulting's Storage API docs