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React hooks library



A hook that runs before mount and is suitable for SSR.

useBeforeMount(() =>
    console.log('Runs only once before component mounts. Works on the server!')


A hook that syncs state with localstorage

 * @typedef Options
 * @property {boolean} [clearOnUnmount] - Whether or not to clear the localstorage value on unmount.

 * A hook that syncs the state with a property in the localstorage.
 * @param {string} defaultVal - The initial value
 * @param {string} key - Mandatory key to use to store the data in localstorage.
 * @param {Options} options - Options object
 * @return {[any, function, function]} - Return the current state, a set state function and a function to clear the storage.
const [state, setState, clear] = useLocalStorage('default value', 'key', { clearOnUnmount: false });

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