Utilities for testing with Cypress

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  import 3bladesCypressTestUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@3blades/cypress-test-utils';



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Code is organized into three directories:

  • browser/: this directory contains code that should only be run in a browser context
  • server/: this directory contains code that should only be run in a Node.js context
  • shared/: this directory contains code that can be run in both a browser and Node.js context


This repo uses jest for unit tests. Run npm test to run jest in watch mode during development. npm run test:ci runs the unit tests once and outputs coverage information.


This repo uses semantic-release to handle all releases. On each push to the master branch, a new release is published to both GitHub and npm. To assist in maintaining changelogs, release notes, etc., commitizen is used to correctly format commit messages. Run npm run cm to commit changes.

Commit Types

Only certain commit types will trigger a release. The table below describes which types trigger a release, any conditions for the type, and the level of release that is triggered.

Type Condition Release
any Breaking change major
feat minor
fix patch
perf patch
chore patch
refactor patch
docs scope set as README patch