WebGL point cloud viewer

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Potree is a free open-source WebGL based point cloud renderer for large point clouds. It is based on the TU Wien Scanopy project and it was part of the Harvest4D Project.

Newest information and work in progress is usually available on twitter

Contact: Markus Sch├╝tz (mschuetz@potree.org)

Reference: Potree: Rendering Large Point Clouds in Web Browsers


Make sure you have node.js installed

Install all dependencies, as specified in package.json, then, install the gulp build tool:

cd <potree_directory>
npm install 
npm install -g gulp

Use the gulp watch command to

  • create ./build/potree
  • watch for changes to the source code and automatically create a new build on change
  • start a web server at localhost:1234. Go to http://localhost:1234/examples/ to test the examples.
gulp watch


PotreeConverter source and Win64 binaries


Take a look at the potree showcase for some live examples.


Browser OS Result
Chrome 64 Win10 works
Firefox 58 Win10 works
Edge Win10 not supported
Internet Explorer 11 Win7 not supported
Chrome Android works Reduced functionality due to unsupported WebGL extensions
Opera Android works Reduced functionality due to unsupported WebGL extensions


  • The multi-res-octree algorithms used by this viewer were developed at the Vienna University of Technology by Michael Wimmer and Claus Scheiblauer as part of the Scanopy Project.
  • Three.js, the WebGL 3D rendering library on which potree is built.
  • plas.io point cloud viewer. LAS and LAZ support have been taken from the laslaz.js implementation of plas.io. Thanks to Uday Verma and Howard Butler for this!
  • Harvest4D Potree currently runs as Master Thesis under the Harvest4D Project
  • Christian Boucheny (EDL developer) and Daniel Girardeau-Montaut (CloudCompare). The EDL shader was adapted from the CloudCompare source code!
  • Martin Isenburg, Georepublic, Veesus, Sigeom Sa, SITN, LBI ArchPro, Pix4D as well as all the contributers to potree and PotreeConverter and many more for their support.