A gatsby starter to help create i18n applications

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  import 3nviGatsbyStarterIntl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@3nvi/gatsby-starter-intl';



A gatsby starter showcasing how to easily handle the internalization of a website. It utilizes @3nvi/gatsby-theme-intl under the hood in order to automate all mundane processes of:

  • creating the necessary localized URLs
  • adding proper SEO support on all pages
  • handling translations
  • changing languages while retaining the page the user's at

Moreover, it:

  • utilizes the netlify plugin in order to create proper _headers and _redirects files.
  • utilizes the sitemap plugin in order to create a sitemap for the website.

For more information on what happens under the hood check out gatby-theme-intl, as well as this project's gatsby-config.js


Due to the fact that the starter is in a lerna monorepo (and not in a separate standalone repo), installation requires running the additional npm run bootstrap command:

git clone https://github.com/3nvi/gatsby-intl intl-site
cd intl-site/packages/gatsby-starter-intl
npm i
npm run start

Known Issues

At the moment of writing, Netlify has a bug where if more than one Accept-Languages are sent, then the language redirects don’t work. You can track the related issue here.

To verify that redirects do work when a single Accept-Language value is sent, you can issue a request with just one language:

curl -H 'Accept-Language: de' -L -v -s https://YOUR_SITE.netlify.com 1> /dev/null

and expect the redirects to work