A Vue.js based commenting system to use in every Vue.js application

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  import 3yourmindVueComments from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@3yourmind/vue-comments';


vue-comments by 3YOURMIND

A Vue.js plugin to show comments related to an identifier. This identifier is called projectId internally but since this component is written with a dynamic mindset you can provide your own actions to deal with CRUD operations on comments.

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npm production dependencies
Dependency Version
vue-clickaway ^2.1.0
vuex ^3.0.1

npm development dependencies
Dependency Version
node-sass ^4.7.2
poi ^9.5.5
sass-loader ^6.0.6
vue-clickaway ^2.1.0
vuex ^3.0.1


This project was created since the 3YOURMIND 3D printing platform needed a commenting system for the 3D projects. Since the commenting system is used by two different applications now, the team decided to share the component and open source it 🤘


vue-comments is released under the MIT License.