A set of utilities for dealing with shadow DOM.

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  import 43081jShadowUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@43081j/shadow-utils';



This package provides a set of useful utilities for dealing with shadow DOM, primarily for test environment situations where one might want to break encapsulation.

querySelector and querySelectorAll

Behaves in a similar way to the native querySelector but ignores shadow DOM boundaries, in that it traverses into shadow roots and continues searching within them for the given selector.


// find all elements with the class, "foo"

// find all elements with the class "foo" within a specific node
querySelector('.foo', node);

// pass an options object
querySelector('.foo', node, options);


Both of these functions can take an options object like so:

querySelector('.foo', document, options);

The following options are supported:

  // If true, enables cross-boundary selector support.
  // For example, `.foo .bar` would match even if `.foo` and `.bar` are
  // in different shadow roots (but still descendant-like).
  "crossBoundary": false


Retrieves the host document or element of a given node.

This behaves similar to calling getRootNode() manually, but will only return a result if it is a document or a shadow-root host, meaning disconnected nodes will return null.


// get the host of a given node