Fast, simple yet powerful JavaScript-driven static site generation.

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Fast, simple yet powerful JavaScript-driven static site generation.




Prior Versions

Please note that earlier versions are no longer supported.


Please note that beginning with v4.0.0 changelog entries now only list major highlights.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av6.1.0+is%3Aclosed.


Issue #137: Refactor Trio to use BrowserSync's watcher to watch for changes to the public build folder and to respond to "change" events by reloading the browser.
Issue #138: Auto increment the port number that BrowserSync uses since BrowserSync no longer does so when the default port number (3000) is being used.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av6.0.4+is%3Aclosed.


Issue #134: Module lib/generator/sassRender.js must call toString() when writing the postcssResult.map to a file.
Issue #135: Upgrade Node to v14 LTS and upgrade Trio's dependencies.
Issue #136: A circular dependency discovered in lib/utils/getFileModifiedTime.js after upgrading Node to v14 LTs and Trio's dependencies.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av6.0.3+is%3Aclosed.


Issue #133: File watcher not refreshing the browser when ignored file has been added, changed, and deleted.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av6.0.2+is%3Aclosed.


Issue #131: lib/generator/copyOtherFiles isn't checking if the source folders exist before copying files to the destination folders.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av6.0.1+is%3Aclosed.


Issue #127: File watcher (chokidar) should be configured to ignore user defined folders to prevent polluting metadata and unnecessary development builds.
Issue #128: lib/generator/getAssets should be configured to ignore user defined folders to prevent polluting metadata.
Issue #129: Add "ignore" property to user configuration.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=is%3Aissue+milestone%3Av6.0.0+is%3Aclosed.


Issue #124: Remove cache busting from the release CLI command and create its own CLI command cachebust.
Issue #123: Add configuration options for css source map generation.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/milestone/25?closed=1 for details.


Issue #120: Replace Node Sass with Dart Sass.
Issue #121: Update all packages and address vulnerabilities.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/milestone/24?closed=1 for details.


Issue #119: Treat all fragment file names preceded with an underscore "_" as a work in progress.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/milestone/23?closed=1 for details.


Issue #116: The fragment front matter title property now defaults to Document.
Issue #117: Trio now does a one-off build whenever a file is added to the project and building incrementally.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=milestone%3Av4.2.0 for details.


Issue #112: Trio now ignores and reports fragments that do not have front matter defined.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=milestone%3Av4.1.0 for details.


Issue #111: Trio now supports callbacks declared on tags that are replaced by include and fragment content.


Please see https://github.com/4awpawz/trio/issues?q=milestone%3Av4.0.0 for details.


Issue #102: Trio now preserves the relative paths of target child folders when resolving permalinks.
Issue #103: Trio now assigns meaningful default values for all the properties in site metadata and trio.manifest.json.
Issue #106: Trio projects now include a source/lib folder for modules that are required by tag-based callback modules and collection filter modules.
Issue #107: Trio's generated projects now include the empty folders that in previous versions were missing because Git doesn't track empty folders.
Issue: #108: Trio no longer generates spurious warning messages when validating permalinks.
Issue: #109: Trio no longer includes the ESLint configuration package @4awpawz/eslint-config-4awpawzconfig in scaffold projects.



  • New! Preserved include and fragment target tags.
  • New! Auto detection of new version.

More Information

For more information regarding this release, please read Trio v3.1.0: Improved Developer Experience



  • New! Permalinks.
  • New! You now have total control as to how you structure your blogs.
  • New! Incremental Build Now Watches trio.json For Changes.
  • New! Enhanced Collection Dataset Validation.

Other Changes

  • Improved Consistent Formating For Error And Warning Messages.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed #98 that prevented you from creating a new project at the command line from within the new project's target folder.

  • Fixed #94 that would cause incremental build with watch to break when you would rename a fragment. Now, when you rename a fragment, Trio will run a one-off build to insure that its cache accurately represents the current state of your project.

  • Fixed #93 that would sometimes prevent articles from being generated if they didn't declare a category in their front matter.

Upgrading From v2 to v3

Whenever you upgrade to a new version of Trio, you should always run a one-off build to insure that Trio's cache is updated to its current expectations:

$ trio build | b

More Information

For more information regarding this release, please read Trio v3.0.0: Permalinkns And Other Goodies



  • Collections!
  • Enhancements To The CLI

Other Changes

  • Trio no longer appends "-map" to the output css map file name. This was cruft left over from when Buster was still appending its hash to file names, which it no longer does as it now prepends the file name with the hash.

  • The trio.manifest.json file is no longer compressed.

  • You are no longer required to include the .html file extension in the fragment's front matter template property.

Changes To gettriossg.com

There's a new home page, which more succinctly expresses what Trio is all about, and the documentation has received numerous corrections, and enhancements to make it more accurate and easier to read.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed #88 - excerpts in markdown fragments aren't being converted to HTML.

  • Fixed #87 - css source maps are being generated incorrectly.

Upgrading From v1 to v2

The schema for the cache has changed for v2.0.0, and is incompatible with prior versions. Therefore, if you are upgrading your projects from v1 to v2, you will have to regenerate your project's cache, which you can do by running the following build command in the terminal:

$ trio build | b

v1.1.1 (IKIGAI)

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #84, where stats for JSON data files and modules indicate they have dependencies to callbacks even when those callbacks no longer declare them as internal dependencies.

v1.1.0 (IKIGAI)


  • Trio now provides more information when it is unable to resolve assets. See issue #83 for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #82, where integrity checking and dependency resolution failed to account for templates having indirect references to includes, which caused builds to fail during page generation because of missing include files.

v1.0.0 (IKIGAI)

This marks the first stable release of v1.0.0. I'm so excited and I hope you all are too.


  • Project scaffolding (issue #80) is now supported as an option (i.e. -s | --scaffold) when creating a new project from the command line (e.g. $ trio new -s path/to/new/project).

v1.0.0-rc.6 (IKIGAI)


  • Addresses issue #79 which formalizes blog archive pages into the project just like blog tag and blog category pages are.

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #81 which would cause destination paths for blog subsidiary pages and archive pages to be generated incorrectly.

v1.0.0-rc.5 (IKIGAI)


  • For callbacks that throw exceptions, Trio would catch the exceptions and print just their message to the console, leaving it up to the user to determine which module actually threw the exception. Now, when callbacks throw exceptions, Trio will also print their module names along with their messages to the console.

Bug Fixes

  • Breaking Change - Fragment properties destPath (the generated page's target file path) and url (the generated page's URL) are now generated in all lowercase.

  • Breaking Change - Trio no longer generates a unique id property for fragments due to the expense in terms of the development time required to maintain their integrity during incremental builds. In its place, users should now use the fragment's url property, which is intrinsically always unique.

  • Breaking Change - Callback argument $ has been renamed to $page for clarity and consistency.

v1.0.0-rc.4 (IKIGAI)

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #74 which would cause garbage collection to fail to identify the original blog article to delete when the user changes the blog article's category.

v1.0.0-rc.3 (IKIGAI)

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #73 which would cause dependency resolution to fail if tag-based callbacks are declared with their .js file extensions.

v1.0.0-rc.2 (IKIGAI)

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #72 which would cause include assets with .html file extension to be wrongly interpreted as markdown files.

v1.0.0-rc.1 (IKIGAI)

This marks the first release candidate for Trio v1. The journey from v0.0.6, which served as a solid proof of concept, to now, has been a long and sometimes difficult one, but in the end I can truly say that it has been a labor of love. I hope you all enjoy it.


  • Integrity Checking checks your project's chains of dependencies and notifies you when assets can't be resolved.

  • Incremental Build reduces project build times by limiting processing to only stale assets.

  • Tag-Based JavaScript Callbacks replace the template engines and frameworks that other static site generators require you to use to extend your composites.


Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #59 which would cause etc folder processing to ignore dot files.


Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #58 which would raise an exception when generating the public destination paths for category pages.


Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #57 which adds the source/etc folder to generated projects and whose files are copied as is to the root of the public folder for both dev and release builds. This folder is intended to be used for files like favicon.ico, robots.txt, sitemaps, .nojekyll, .etc which need to reside in the public folder.


Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #56 which adds a new configuration option, "nojekyll", which when set to true instructs Trio to write a .nojekyll file to the public folder when generating a release build to completely bypass Jekyll processing on GitHub Pages.


Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue #55 which would cause the generation of inaccurate public paths for blog articles that have nested categories.

  • Addresses issue #54 which would cause the generation of inaccurate public paths for blog articles that have complex names.

Copyright And License

Code and documentation Copyright ©2018-2021 Jeffrey Schwartz All Rights Reserved

Code licensed MIT, docs CC By 3.0.