4Catalyzer babel preset

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  import 4cBabelPreset from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@4c/babel-preset';



A configurable, batteries included, babel preset for libraries and web apps.

Includes the following presets and plugins:


yarn add @4c/babel-preset -D


Without options:

  "presets": ["@4c"]

With options;

  "presets": [
        "target": "web-app",
        "modules": false,
        "intl": { "prefix" "@mylib" },


In addition to the options below, all preset-env are accepted to be overridden when the defaults aren't sufficient. By default the preset picks a set of known safe combinations tailored to the chosen target.


'web' | 'web-app' | 'node', defaults to 'web'

The overall build environment target. Used to set some smart presets as well as configure the preset-env targets.


  • targets set to node 10 in production and current in development
  • modules set to commonjs
  • intl is disabled


  • targets uses the browserlist config is (determined by .browserslistrc, etc) if available or defaults to ['ie >= 11', 'last 2 Edge versions', 'last 4 Chrome versions', 'last 4 Firefox versions', 'last 2 Safari versions'];


  • uses the same targets as web
  • defaults modules to false
  • defaults runtime to true


boolean, defaults to false

Uses a more development friendly set of targets as well as toggles development plugins for react (see. When true the current version of node for node targets and esmodules for web targets. You can read more here.


"commonjs' | false, defaults to false except when target is 'web-app' and 'commonjs' otherwise

The preset-env modules option. controls the output module format


Turns on the babel runtime transform.


boolean | { prefix: string, messagesDir: string }

Configures the react-intl babel plugin to extract and output localized strings prefixed by the package name or provided prefix